Starting Your Own Business

A freelancer’s guide to quitting your day job and going out on your own. Build a portfolio, get some fancy business cards, and wait for the sacks of dollars to start rolling in!

Dating in the Digital Age

A freelancer’s guide to the world of online dating. Write the perfect profile, showcase your witty banter, and send 534 messages in an hour. True love is just a numbers game, after all!

Finding Creative Inspiration

A freelancer’s guide to breaking through creative blocks and finding good ideas. Look to the greats, change up your environment, or just drink a lot of wine.

Staying Physically Fit

A freelancer’s guide to health and exercise. Don’t atrophy at the keyboard! Learn to eat right, work out, and get in the best shape of your life!

Hosting a Romantic Evening

A freelancer’s guide to love and sex. Make a tasty meal, set the mood, and win her heart — all in a few short hours!! (No pressure though.)

Balancing Work and Life

A freelancer’s guide to setting boundaries when in a new relationship. “You’re in love, but you can’t let that distract you from your professional obligations!”

Meeting Your Deadlines

A freelancer’s guide to getting projects done on time. It’s Friday night and you’ve got a big project due in the morning. The stakes are high and you’ve got to show what you’re capable of. Time to pull an all-nighter!